Syncfusion free “succintly” ebooks

When we discuss technologies on this blog, we generally try to present different commercial alternatives to reach a certain goal. This time we’ll make an exception and we will present a set of books offered (for free, or better: for your availabilty to subscribe to their newsletter) by  one specific company: Syncfusion, to which we’re not affiliated in any way.

Why do we do this? Because they have given us for free (as they have everyone else) a lot of good eBooks that give you the lowdown on interesting development/system admin topics. These books are professional and well written. Everyone can get them for free at

In particular, I liked the “Git Succintly” eBook. I have used Git in the past via dubious GUI’s (Visual Studio – which has no “staging” concept until VS 2013; this may change with VS 2015 update 2 if I’m not mistaken – and Xamarin studio).

This little book, written very concisely by Ryan Hodson (“succint” books are rarely made up of more than 100 pages), tells you everything you have to know to kick the ground running with Git (even professionally) via command line, something I hadn’t done in the past.


And… it’s free.

Other cool titles:

  • NancyFX succintly (for microservice fans)
  • Criptography in .Net

What does Syncfusion actually sell? They sell (with an interesting business model that really awards independent developers) components for web and mobile development. You may want to check them out.

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